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Aromatic Balancer
A luxurious rebalancing facial treatment with
aromatherapy oils.

Oily, congested, dry, dull, dehydrated, sensitive?
Whatever your skin condition, this customised
treatment will rebalance and coax it back to

50 minutes £50

Face & Eyes Refresher
HeA targeted facial to restore a brighter, more rested
This treatment freshens and smoothes the
face, eye area and décolleté. It targets signs of
tiredness and stress to leave you looking much
more rested. The perfect antidote to tiredness
and a superb quick-fix after work or a late night.

30 minutes £30

Age-Defying Eyes
A youth replenishing treatment for the eye contour
Specifically developed for the delicate eye
area, this treatment helps reduce fine lines and
wrinkles, revealing more youthful-looking eyes
from temple to temple. A complete antiageing
treatment for bright and beautiful eyes.

30 minutes £30