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EXPRESS MANICURE                POLISH £15                   GEL £20

EXPRESS PEDICURE                  POLISH £15                   GEL £20

Express Treatment – Cuticles are conditioned, nails are cut, filed beautifully shaped then treated with a prescriptive base coat, completed with POLISH or Gel.

PRESCRIPTIVE MANICURE     POLISH £22                 GEL £28

PRESCRIPTIVE PEDICURE       POLISH £22                GEL £28

Prescriptive – Nail analysis, skin exfoliation, massage, soak, and cuticle care. Nails are cut, filed beautifully shaped and completed with Polish or Gel.



The definitive intensive treatment for your legs and feet; a luxury pedicure treatment incorporates the benefits of the ZenSpa Pedicure with enveloping thermal booties to allow deeper penetration of moisturising products. Excellent for dry, cracked heels, stimulating the circulation and relieving stiff and painful joints. Feet and legs will feel hydrated, soft and smooth finishing with perfectly painted toes.

60 minutes       £35 POLISH     

60 minutes       £40 GEL